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Katahari Public School
Affiliated to C.B.S.E Delhi
Senior Secondary (10+2), Co-Education


CBSE HELPLINE NUMBER 1800-11-8002 for Class X and XII students and parents for Counselling on Examination Stress.

The house system is a traditional feature of every school, we believe to inculcating values like co-operation, honesty, victory, team spirit in students through houses. The house system and house competition build community spirit, leadership skills that frames a strong fundamental that is used during future workplace. Student’s take part in inter house competitions where each houses compete as teams against each other in various tasks & events. Points are allocated to each house at the end of every competition.Each house is led by the House Mistress/Master for a year. The Captain and Vice-Captain of each house guide their teams on all fronts and play a vital role in leading their team to victory in all events. Debate, quiz, sports event, & cultural activities where students give their best to win and earn house points. The School has designed the house system and has specified them as GREEN HOUSE , RED HOUSE , YELLOW HOUSE & BLUE HOUSE to embody the values and ethos of the school and is an integral part of our curriculum.


  a) Every child and member staff is given one of these four houses to support.

  b) Each child is placed in a house on entry to school and remains a member of this team throughout their time at the school.

  c) On Sports Day the houses compete against each other as teams and a cup is awarded to the winning house.


To set an example to the other children:

  a) To earn house point and encourage others to do so.

  b) To represent their house when collecting awards.

  c) To accept any cups and trophies awarded to their house.